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(Pocket-lint) - T-Mobile is introducing a new mobile phone and data plan that it claims is unique to the provider. Called The Full Monty, it offers completely unlimited calls, texts and Internet access with no fair use restrictions.

The new plan will be available from 1 February (Wednesday) and starts from £36 per month, which offers unlimited data, texts and calls to other T-Mobile customers, with 2,000 minutes worth of calls to other networks. At that price, you can also get yourself a free 8GB iPhone 4, HTC Sensation XE or Samsung Galaxy S II, or pay an extra £99 for a 16GB iPhone 4S.

At £41 per month, the next step-up plan also offers completely unlimited calls to other networks, a BlackBerry 9900 for free or a 16GB iPhone 4S for £29.

£46 per month is unlimited everything, with a 16GB iPhone 4S now free, while the maximum package, at £61 per month, offering a 32GB iPhone 4S gratis or a 64GB iPhone 4S for £29.

When we asked Ben Fritsch, head of propositions, T-Mobile UK if unlimited, in fact, meant a large data cap he stated that it was truly unlimited."There's no fair usage cap," he told us. "And you can use it for tethering as well."

There's free, unlimited, Wi-Fi on offer too through T-Mobile's hotspots and BT's Openzone. There's even an Android app launching making it easier to get on board without having to consistently logging on. No word on an iOS app as of yet.

Existing T-Mobile users can upgrade to the new contract at any time, but without a handset thrown in.

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You can find out more at www.t-mobile.co.uk/TheFullMonty.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.