An Italian company called I'm Watch was attempting to convince us at CES that we need a watch that can communicate with the smartphone in our pocket - giving us the latest details on the go.

Connected via Bluetooth, the idea is that the watch comes with a number of apps that allow you to access the Internet and therefore Twitter, your email, stock prices and other things without having to get your phone out of your pocket, instead just piggybacking on its data connection.

The watch itself features a 1.55-inch capacitive touchscreen display protected by sapphire glass. It weighs about 70g and even features a speakerphone and mic so you can talk to it Dick Tracy style.

i m watch tells more than just the time image 4

Users will also be able to view images on it, although having done so, we have to say they are very small. The I'm Watch runs a customised version of Android 1.6.

Starting at $349 there will be three different ranges to hopefully suit different audiences keen to wear a "smart watch".

i m watch tells more than just the time image 6

The "Color Collection" will feature a range of bright colours (white, pink, light blue, red, yellow, green or black) while the the "Tech Collection" will have a greater focus on materials. There is a third range called the "Jewel Collection" with models costing up to $1000 and coming with a "high premium finish".

And yes, before you ask, it will also tell the time. In analogue and digital formats no less.