eCoupled wireless power is showing off some new technology at CES that should, It claims, be able to charge your phone through your handbag.

Before you ask, it isn't just handbags specifically... the technology will charge most hardware that is within the general area of the eCoupled technology.

Unlike some of the contactless charging found in Palm and HP devices or used by companies like Energizer, this will operate entirely without wires or the need to touch a base station. 

Put together by Fulton Innovation, eCoupled works by letting you charge devices on a surface you choose. It will however give power to things that are placed on but not in direct contact with that surface. Say for example you turn your hall table into an eCoupled surface, then whatever bags you place on it will charge whatever is inside. 

Pocket-lint has had a play with the eCoupled tech and found it actually works quite well. It could mean a rather useful way to keep your gadgets powered without needing ugly chargers or charge pads lying around. 

Expect more on eCoupled as we have it. 

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