Corning has announced that it will be updating its Gorilla Glass formula, bringing the next generation of tough glass for mobiles and tablets; not only making them hardier beasts, but also allowing for greater flexibility of form factor.

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 will be shown off at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, which starts on 9 January, and although details are slim on the ground at the moment the booth will allow folks to get hands-on, so by the the end of the event we should have a clear idea of how it will affect the phones of 2012.

Over the last few years Corning has managed to introduce its product into a massive number of touchscreen devices, and although it's usually not at the forefront of phone users' tech-spec radar it has a massive influence on both functionality and design of a given device.

Depending on the improvements, this news should be of interest to anyone with a keen eye for design as well as the very clumsy. We'll bring you all the details when Pocket-lint touches down in Las Vegas.