Keeping the features writers busy in 2011 was a near constant flow of tablets and smartphones. On top of this we had the likes of new software such as Ice Cream Sandwich and iOS 5 keeping our handsets fresh. It is safe to say that phones and tablets had us working hard in 2011.

Things like Google+ and the Facebook timeline also played a significant role in the features department. Just as important as hardware, these new ways of social networking were important to our readers.

We have compiled a top features list for the year based solely on the number of views each gained. Not a list of what we felt most important, more what had been keeping you guys, our readers, well … reading. Naturally publishing date will effect the number of reads, but in the end this can be taken as the order of what had you guys most excited this year.

Us being fools anyway, not a lot changes in April. For our readers however it can be a dangerous month of tech based trickery. This year was particularly good helped mostly by the likes of Google and ThinkGeek, who created a Playmobil Apple store quite unlike anything we had seen before. Rumours of it becoming a reality post April Fools day also started circulating the internet. This is something we would definitely like to see. Read More

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Android’s latest update brought with it changes that were meant to unify the user experience across tablets and phones. Gone were the woes of Honeycomb and latter stages of Gingerbread, replaced with a smoother Android complete with its own new font. Shame then that for now, only the Galaxy Nexus shipped with Ice Cream Sandwich, manufacturers of course promising the update would arrive on their devices as soon as possible. Some handsets really missed a trick, shipping just before ICS launched, the new RAZR in particular missing out. We decided to put together a roundup for those desperate to get the latest flavour of Android and it did rather nicely. Read More

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This was the battle that everyone wanted to see happen. The Rumble in the Jungle of the tech world, these were the two heavyweights that ruled the specs kingdom. Ultimately the Galaxy S II won it but not before the iPhone 4S had put up a rather lengthy fight. Proof that Apple could now contend in the specs department with Android, it was the Galaxy S II’s screen that gave it the win. Read More 

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We imagine those with kids particularly enjoyed this one. Christmas shopping can be a total nightmare, especially if your young one is after something particularly rare. Hamleys kept it real by setting up a rather nice Christmas preview with which to tempt us. After a brief viewing we already had our Chrimbo lists written down and this was back in late June. Sadly Rock on Elmo never appeared for us. Read More

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The pair of updates that HTC applied to its flagship Sensation handset actually, despite looking very similar, were drastically different. The main talking point was the lack of a dual-core processor in the XL as well as what difference the new deal with Beats Audio made to the devices. This versus answered all those questions and more. We hope. Read More

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Entry level handsets have always been done particularly well by HTC. The Wildfire proved to be one of the top value for money phones we have come across. Judging by the number of reads you also enjoyed its cheap delights. But which was better? The Wildfire S or the original? Well whilst not being a massive jump in the specs department, the S was without doubt a better phone and claimed the title quite easily. Read More

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Apps, apps, apps, we can’t get enough of ‘em. Our smartphones and tablets are crammed full of applications for everything from gaming to photography. Sure we actually use only three of them and some we play for less than thirty seconds, but its nice to know they are there should we need them. Honeycomb was the first time Android had properly reared its head in tablet town, bringing with it plenty of possibilities for new apps. This was our roundup. Read More

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This one came so close to breaking the 100,000 views mark and might just manage it before the end of the year. Our ultimate cloud versus tried to make sense of all the web based backups, music players and storage services available. It also acted as a nice grounding for getting your head around exactly what iCloud offered and how it compared to Google Music. Read More

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The top two features we posted this year catapulted themselves to stratospheric levels of popularity. It seems Google’s new social network was on the tip of everyones tongue at launch and despite being an invite only affair, was something everyone wanted to know about. Despite attempts by the big G to make it as simple as possible to understand, many struggled to differentiate it from Facebook as well as understand exactly how it worked. This article aimed to fix all that. Read More

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The king of reads on Pocket-lint without doubt was our selection of iPad apps. Our app of the day has been a staple of the Pocket-lint diet for quite a while now and keeps us well up to date on what is going on in the app market. So when we came to writing this, we already had a massive number of apps we knew would be well suited to brand new iPad 2 owners. This became our definitive tablet apps article and remains the most read piece of content on the site. Read More

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Any other features you particularly enjoyed this year? Let us know in the comments below ...