Pocket-lint has teamed up with Phones4u to bring you the chance of winning a Nokia Lumia 800 as part of our Pocket-lint Xmas Spectacular.

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve teamed up with Phones 4u to give away one of 2011’s hottest handset, the Nokia Lumia 800 which will come complete with free 4u Wi-Fi for life!

4u Wi-Fi, powered by The Cloud, will be included with every purchase of any Wi-Fi enabled pay as you go or contract smartphone throughout Xmas, meaning you can connect and access your favourite content on the go whenever you are in one of The Cloud’s 6000+ hotspots across the UK, without having to worry about amassing huge bills. One-time registration also means that whenever you enter one of The Cloud’s Wi-Fi hotspots, you will be automatically and seamlessly connected to wireless internet.

One of the biggest smartphone launches of 2011, the Nokia Lumia 800 is the first of Nokia’s smartphones to run on the new Windows Phone 7.5 operating system and is the only handset to be seen with this Christmas.

All you have to do is follow Pocket-lint (@Pocketlint) and Phones4u (@Phones4u) on Twitter and then retweet this or any story with the hashtag #plxmas. The competition will last just 24 hours after which a winner will be drawn on 23 December at 11am. The winner will be announced on Twitter.

So what are you waiting for? By this time tomorrow you could be the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 800 mobile phone!

This competition in now closed. The Winner of the Nokia Lumia 800 is @Ste_Collins.

Please note: This competition is open to UK and Ireland residents only. For our other terms and conditions, please click here.