World renowned professional photographer Annie Leibovitz has recommended the iPhone as the camera people should buy: "That is the snapshot camera of today," she said during televised a interview with MSNBC's Brian Williams.

Leibovitz, who is, possibly, most famous for her portrait photography of such subjects as Queen Elizabeth II, John Lennon (for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, which was shot the day of his death), Michael Jackson, Bill Gates and many more, even went as far as to take a picture of Williamson on her iPhone 4 (or 4S). However, Pocket-lint has spotted that, pro snapper she may be, she left part of her finger in the way.

Admittedly, she does say, in the interview, that she's "still learning to use" her iPhone, but that doesn't stop us laughing like toddlers at a party.

She was on the news channel to promote her new book, Pilgrimage, a collection of natural landscape photography. Maybe the next one should be people obscured by bodily appendages...