We spend a lot of time on Pocket-lint talking about specs. All too often we'll tell you about just what each gadget can do; which one is faster, which is stronger, which is thinner, which lighter, how many megapixels something has, the number of ports, whether it's HD or not, whether that HD is, in fact, truly full and 1080p.

Well, this week we say enough. For now, that is. This week we celebrate form over function with Style Week on Pocket-lint. This week, it's all about looking good.

For the next five days, we'll be bringing you over 25 articles including tips on how to make your gadgets more stylish, interviews with gurus from companies renowned for their aesthetically amazing products and pointers from top fashion designers who'll be able to tell us what should really count when choosing your next piece of kit.

Accessorise that with a series of Pocket-lint reviews of the complete first range of the super-slim, super-fast laptops powered by Intel known as Ultrabooks and top 10s of what we think are the most stylish gadgets ever to grace the shelves and we hope that you'll agree that this week's range will be one of the most stunning you've ever seen on our pages.

So, take a good look in the mirror, pick something smooth to wear and by the time you get back we'll have kicked off proceedings with the first of our fashion focused features because, as Paris Hilton once said, life's too short to blend in.

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