Orange and Microsoft have teamed up to offer upgraders choosing the latest Windows Phone 7.5 handset, the Nokia Lumia 800, a free Xbox 360.

Any Orange customer upgrading their phone from 16 November, the date the codenamed Sea Ray device goes on sale, will receive the 4GB Xbox 360.

Whilst it's not the 250GB machine that you'd probably prefer, a £150 console is not one to be baulked at and is a tempting treat for anyone willing to stray from the Apple or Android path.

Pippa Dunn, chief marketing officer, Orange UK said: "It's exciting to see Nokia and Microsoft join forces on what has to be one of the most anticipated launches of 2011. 

"The Lumia 800 really is a stylish new phone that comes packed with a variety of innovative features as well as the unique Windows interface, making it even easier for users to keep in touch when on the move. Combined with all the great benefits you get from only being on Orange, like Orange Wednesdays and Magic Numbers - we strongly believe the Lumia 800 will prove popular with customers in the run up to Christmas."

Nokia and Microsoft have a lot of eggs parked in the Lumia 800 shaped basket and it's obvious that they want sales figures to be high in order to fend of derision from the direction of Mountain View and Cupertino.

Whether a £150 console free on a contract that will essentially cost a minimum £864 (£36 a month for 24 months) remains to be seen. But hey, you don't get a free gift (from Orange, at least) with any of the Android or iOS devices on a similar price plan so it looks like a smart move at the moment.