Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich boot-up sequence has been caught on camera for, what we’ve been told, is probably the first time. And it shows us that Google is all about the little things, as well as big sweeping changes.

Instead of just a logo glaring out from the screen, Google has opted for a colourful array of boxes that work their way around, in and out of a circle design, and resembles a digital building of blocks or sun blinds. It reminds us of the Honeycomb startup on the Motorola Xoom, with its pulsating honeycomb mesh. 

Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ lovely AMOLED screen it looks absolutely amazing. And we managed to capture the sequence on video while Pocket-lint was given some quality hands-on time during a visit to Google's Mountain View US HQ.

Once loaded, the new mobile operating system presents the user with a lock screen that is a much-simplified version of the one used in HTC Sense.

If your Ice Cream Sandwich device isn’t password or Face Unlock protected you can then shimmy an icon from within a circle to either the photo icon or the general unlock one.

Those that have opted for Face Unlock can simply look at the front facing camera.

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