Virtually everyone the world over is excited about the iPhone 4S, Leeds in particular, who according to Phones4u is the most excited city in the country.

Rather unsurprisingly London follows closely behind, with Birmingham up next. Phones4u plans on weighting its stock more towards those regions, so if you don't manage to grab one perhaps a trip to Leeds is in order.

Phones4u also looked into what exactly was so alluring about the iPhone 4S, the highest result being that people "just wanted one". 48 per cent of those surveyed had no reason other than just needing the newest Apple gadget. 45 per cent, however, were after it because of its new features. 

"It seems it’s all about the iPhone 4s for the people of Leeds - 62% of those we polled this week said they couldn’t wait to get their hands on it when it goes on sale tomorrow. Those living in London were a close second at 41%, and Birmingham not far behind at 39%. As such, we’ll be trying our very best to meet the demand and will be up-weighting stock in the most popular areas - including the Leeds Briggate, Central London and Birmingham stores". said a Phones4u spokesman. 

Out of the top new features interestingly the processor sat in third, behind the camera and battery life - clearly efficiency wins over raw power.

We didn't know Leeds was so passionate about Apple. They are now most definitely on our radar, how they beat the trendy streets of London we shall never know.

What do you think? Who is most excited about the iPhone 4S? Let us know in the comments below ...