This year's Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, aka CEATEC 2011, kicks off at the Makahuri Messe in Tokyo on Monday and Pocket-lint is in town to get the low down on all the Japanese based tech that is breaking cover.

CEATEC 2011 is the 11th instalment of the annual expo, and is described as "a comprehensive IT and electronics trade show where world-leading technologies, products and services are announced".

Think of it as the Asian version of CES. Or IFA, but with less currywurst.

As mentioned, Sony and Toshiba have already played their hands with pre-show press conferences (which you'll be able to read all about on Pocket-lint) but most of the action kicks off on Tuesday.

All of the usual Japanese suspects have pitched up at the show including Hitachi, NEC, Pioneer, Sharp, Panasonic, Nissan and Fujitsu, although sadly there's no big presence from either Nikon or Nintendo.

Whilst the show is unlikely to rival IFA and CES in terms of launches of products that we can expect to see hitting our stores, CEATEC always gives us a great insight into some of the fantastic innovation that is going on in the Far East.

Oh, and there's usually some funky robots treading the show floor - which is always great fun.

Obviously Japan has had an extremely tough 2011 and is still a long way from a full recovery. But the message that we're getting from the delegates in Tokyo is that the tech industry is keen tell its story at this time of deep crisis and show that it won't be beaten, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

We'll be on hand to see what they have to say, and you can keep up with all the CEATEC 2011 action at