It has been almost 18 months since the launch of the iPhone 4 in 2010 and the rumour mill has been slowly working itself into a fervour, not only as to when Apple will launch the next iPhone, but what that new model will be. Will it be the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S, or even just the iPhone 4?

After numerous rumours of a release date, and numerous possible suggestions of what the new iPhone will look like, there are a number of rumours that keep cropping up.

To be honest, we don't know very much thanks to Apple’s shroud of secrecy, its ability to create well-timed leaks and the typical magician's tricks of distraction. That aside, we do know a number of things.

- There is an event at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino on Tuesday 4 October at 10am (US time) that will be live streamed to an event in London for the UK press.

- There will be a new iPhone announced.

- Based on coding that has turned up in the latest beta of iTunes; there will be a model called the iPhone 4S and it will be available in black and white.

- That Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO will be presenting.

- That there will be multiple iPhones coming out thanks to a slip up from Apple board member Al Gore.

- How many iPhones Apple will be announcing.

- Whether there will be a "teardrop" designed iPhone 5.

- Whether there will be a cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 released for the budget market.

- Whether there will be a 64GB version of either the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 4 introduced.

- The release date of the new model or models.

- Whether or not the new iPhone will have HSPA+ connectivity for faster surfing speeds.

- Which operators, regardless of whether they put a placeholder in their system, will be stocking the new iPhone.

- Whether it will be running the same A5 processor as the iPad.

- Whether it will come with a larger 8-megapixel camera.

- Whether it will come with a larger 4-inch screen.

- Whether it will come with a new assistant service to help you arrange your life.

- Whether the new model will be available to buy in October, but that’s the general consensus.

- Whether the iPod Classic will be killed.

- Whether the iPod touch will get 3G (yes that’s like it being a phone).

- Whether it really was lost in a bar again.

Looking into our crystal ball is always hard, as there is plenty we can get wrong and plenty of guess work based on plenty of rumours (see above).

With that in mind, this is what we are expecting to happen on Tuesday 4 October:

- Apple will announce an iPhone 4S with an 8-megapixel camera, A5 processor, but the design and shape of the current iPhone 4.

- There will not be an Apple iPhone 5 with teardrop design.

- There will be a new iPod touch, but this will merely be a spec update rather than a massive overhaul.

- Apple will launch a new service called iAssistant that will help you manage your calendar and missed calls.

- It will be available in the next 2 weeks and before the end of October.

- It will be available on all the same networks that carried the iPhone 4.

- There will not be a 64GB model as it goes against Apple’s shift towards the cloud. 

In 2010, thanks to the prototype being found in a bar, we pretty much knew what Apple were announcing with the iPhone 4. This year there are so many rumours that trying to pinpoint one, let alone three, is hard work. Regardless, you can rest assured that Pocket-lint will be live at the event covering all the latest news as it happens as well as bringing you a first impressions and review of what Apple has planned. 

What do you think Apple will announce? Let us know in the comments below.