It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get your daily dose of iPhone rumourage on Friday. Or something like that.

Following the revelation (too strong?) on Thursday that the iPhone 5 will definitely land on 15 October...probably....possibly, a new date is now being touted about - 7 October.

Actually, we've heard this date mentioned before but it's the date that Apple-centric blog 9to5 Mac thinks the next big thing will land, and its iPhone murmuring also has a tasty twist.

That being that we won't just be seeing a super-doopa new iPhone 5, we'll also be getting a more wallet-friendly update to the iPhone 4 as well.

We know, this is hardly news as it's often been speculated that the iPhone 5 will be accompanied by a second, cheaper model - but this is the first time that we've heard anything in the way of numbers.

Its report is stating that more than 10 million of the budget models will be ready at launch for a phone described as an "iPhone 4 look-alike". Our guess is that it'll just be an 8GB version of the existing model, with the odd internal tweak.

Interestingly though, the iPhone 5, or the daddy iPhone as we're going to call it should Apple announce two, may not be such a bumper launch. There's trouble afoot on some of the production lines apparently, and this could lead to shortages well into 2012.

Nothing like drip feeding the fanboy masses to keep them keen though.

The new phone, which is said to be the tear-drop shape we've heard mentioned before is "a sight to behold" apparently.

So it may be worth the wait... probably... possibly.

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