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(Pocket-lint) - Do you like the look of INQ’s Facebook integration on the INQ Cloud Touch, but would rather stick with your existing phone? Your prayers may have just been answered.

In a slightly surprising move, INQ has released a couple of apps to the Android Market which will effectively let anyone with an Android 2.2 (or above) phone give it an INQ makeover.

Three apps can now be found: INQ Social Sync, People by INQ and finally Social Widget Suite by INQ.

INQ Social Sync is described as the "engine behind INQ’s social network integration" and you’ll need it to power the People app and the widgets. It doesn’t have an app, as such, but does appear as an account on your phone.

People by INQ is one of the (formerly) unique Facebook features on the INQ Cloud Touch. It gives you full-page Facebook profiles for your friends, allowing you to select who you get to see in Places. People links through to the Facebook app, so if you tap on a friend’s update, you’ll be taken to Facebook for Android for you to comment or Like the post.

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The Social Widget Suite will let you recreate that INQ look on your homepage, supplying the widgets for Events, People, Notification and Places for you to drop where you want. They are live widgets too, so when you have a notification, the widget changes its picture and gives you a notification star.

The biggest widget is Homescreen Live. This widget dominates most of the page, but will pull out content from your Facebook newsfeed and plaster it on your homescreen, meaing you can see something of what is going on without having to go into the app and scroll through the list.

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If you are a heavy Facebook user, then this collection of INQ apps certainly gives you a run of options to bring Facebook to life on your existing Android device. Of course, everyone is integrating Facebook features on Android these days, but they’re not always pulled off well.

The three INQ apps are available for free and you can get at them now, although we note they are still in beta. You can find them on on INQMobile's developer page on Android Market.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.