Windows Phone 7 Mango users will now be able to create Wi-Fi hotspots with their phones after a last minute addition to the OS from Microsoft, Pocket-lint can confirm. 

The new feature dubbed Internet Sharing and found in the WP7 settings menu, will let you share the phones internet connection with other Wi-Fi devices like your laptop.

HTC has confirmed that it will be available on all its new Windows Phone 7 handsets - the HTC Titan and the HTC Radar - however won’t be included in their Mango roll out to HTC 7 Trophy, HTC HD7, and HTC 7 Mozart users as it was added too late to add the new feature to the software update. 

That update, delivered by the Zune desktop app, is expected in the last week of September. HTC has told Pocket-lint that it will be working hard to update its Mango rollout with the Internet Sharing feature in the near future, but couldn’t give an exact date. 

"It was added by Microsoft too late for us to include it," a spokesman for the company told us before adding that "we’ve updated our current Windows Phone 7 devices twice already so you shouldn’t have to wait long."

Internet sharing has been one of the most requested features for the fairly young operating system from Microsoft.