UK gadgeteer Thumbs Up has followed up on its wacky 1980s retro iPhone case with quite possibly the silliest mobile accessory yet. Designed specifically for the iPhone 4, the company's Ear Case is exactly that, a handset protector shaped like a giant ear.

Er, that's about it. But just think of the giggles you can have looking like Gary Lineker or Martin Clunes when using your iPhone around town - at least from one side, anyway.

Your iPhone (or should that be earPhone?) sits snuggly inside the silicon rubber case, but we can see a couple of minor problems: Firstly, you'd have to have a big pocket to store it. And secondly, there's no hole for the camera lens, so you'll have to remove your phone from the inner ear to take any pics. But then, it's really more practical joke than practical full stop.

The Thumbs Up Ear Case will be available from September at branches of Urban Outfitters for £12.99. Expect ear-based tomfoolery to flood the streets after then...