We're only a few weeks away from the supposed Apple iPhone 5 (and iPad 3?) launch event in September and the guessing game has begun with Japanese site Kodawarisan circling 7 September in fanboys' diaries everywhere.

Kodawarisan apparently has history when predicting all things Apple as well. Well, it did successfully predict the Mac Mini launch date in 2009. Big time eh?

The date does seem about right though, with Apple's last three September events (traditionally the iPod launching platform) being on 1 September in 2010, 9 September the year before that and 9 September also in 2008.

However, with IFA kicking off on 1 September - we'd be very surprised to see Apple let its rivals get all the attention for 6 whole days.

Last year, for example, Apple's September event launched the new iPod Shuffle, iOS 4.1 and 4.2, iTunes 10 and the new Apple TV - all on the same day  that Sony's IFA press event took place, and a day before Samsung unveiled the original Galaxy Tab at the Berlin-based expo.

Apple is traditionally an IFA (and CES) spoilsport and likes to make big waves to gobble up all the attention from its competitors. So, if the guessing game has started, we'll go for a punt on 1 September.....