Ha ha ha ha ha... What? C'mon, you're not getting us that easily. Really?

Smart Phone Note is, apparently, a genuine, 100 per cent real South Korean iPhone 4 case that combines a foam mould that holds your handset steady in both landscape and portrait modes, with a handy, lined notebook underneath. It's advertised as coming with "digital + analog emotion", and just the pictures have really made us laugh. A lot.

But after a little more thought, we can actually see a purpose. For starters, you don't have to remove your iPhone 4 to make calls or listen to music; there's a slot in the side to fit headphones (with or without in-line mic), and you don't even need to open the pad as the phone is accessible through a gaping hole in the cover.

Plus, as journalists, there are plenty of times that we've had to balance our iPhones on our knees while using a separate jotter. And, as Apple, in its great wisdom, decided to put shiny, slippery glass on the rear, anybody who's done this with an iPhone 4 specifically will know that the slightest movement invariably sees the device go clattering to the floor. Not so with Smart Phone Note.

And it comes with slots on the inside cover for debit, credit and identity cards.

Maybe it's not as stupid as we initially thought...

Available in South Korea only from Design Tag, or so we understand, the Smart Phone Note iPhone 4 case and notepad costs 30,000 WON (approximately $29 or £17).

smart phone note for all your iphone 4 case notepad needs image 2

If you see this on sale somewhere other than South Korea, let us know in the comments below...