Ofcom has revealed the results of the latest Communications Market Report which has highlighted the full extent of the smartphone revolution. The communications watchdog has stated that we're a nation obsessed with smartphones.

The smartphone uptake has, according to the report, risen by 59 per cent in the last year with 27 per cent of adults and 47 per cent of teenagers stating that they now own one.

When it comes to obsession with their devices, teenagers are the most affected with 60 per cent stating that they are addicted to their smartphone. 37 per cent of adults said the same and 81 per cent of all respondents said that they never turn their phone off.

Smartphone use is also having a knock-on effect on other media with TV watching down for teenagers by 27 per cent and book reading 15 per cent.

It seems that the smartphone has no location boundaries either, with 23 per cent of adults and 34 per cent of teenagers saying they had used them during mealtimes and 22 per cent of adults and nearly half of teenage smartphone users admitted using or answering their handset in the bathroom or toilet.


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