T-Mobile has updated its long running Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go combo service called You Fix.

It now includes automatic low PAYG mins and text reminder messages, editable allowance thresholds on My T-Mobile and text messages informing you when your free minutes are low. 

You Fix, once known as U-Fix, allows you to opt for a contract with monthly payments and free minutes, but requires top ups once your minutes are used. It is a useful contract for those who are not quite ready for the freedom of a contract but need plentiful minutes to make phone calls...Teenagers then. 

The You Fix plan is also available on 12-month contracts, meaning a nice new phone each year. The minimum top up amount has now been reduced down to £1; as such, once minutes are gone, you can always add a tiny bit of credit to make a single important phone call. 

£15.50 on the You Fix plan will get you 75 minutes and 75 texts a month, with handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Gio costing £85. Those who opt for the more expensive £26-per-month offering, which includes 300 minutes and 300 texts, can get the HTC Wildfire S for £70.

You also get one flexible booster included in the deal, with things like internet access or additional texts being possible. These can be changed each month to suit your phone habits.