Everyday on the world wide web there is a frenzy of rumour and speculation about the much anticipated iPhone 5 and the iPad 3, so it's hard to separate the stories filled with substance and the stories filled with nonsense.

But there are a couple of reports doing the web-rounds at the moment generating enough heat and packing sufficient credentials to make us to sit up and take notice.

The first of which is a report that originates from the China Times (who has been semi-accurate in the past with its Apple-based foresight), and states that the next-iteration of Apple's popular iPhone (the iPhone 5 / the iPhone 4S - who knows?) will be landing in the second week of September, giving a date of 6 September.

The report states that manufacturers are knocking up 400,000 units of the next-gen iPhone now, in preparation of an initial shipment of 4 million.

The report also adds fire to the iPad 3 in 2011 rumours, although a later than the usual September date is given. A Thanksgiving release (end of November) is apparently scheduled.

The fifth iPhone will be a slimmer design than previous models, if a 9to5Mac report rings true. It has got its hands on an "actual purported fifth-generation iPhone case from a source" which hints at the teardrop slim design as has been rumoured before.

slimmer iphone 5 coming 6 september  image 2

Just to recap then, if the rumour mill rings true for all of its iPhone 5 predictions then we are looking at a smaller, thinner device with a curved display and a bigger screen packing NFC capabilities and a new nano-SIM.

Roll on September eh fanboys?

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