Apple has released a new version of iOS 5 to developers over the weekend as the mobile phone operating system for Apple's iPhones continues to head towards launch. 

New to the experience is an over the air update option that means developers don't need to physically sync the iPhone with iTunes via their PC to get the new beta - beta 4 if you're counting.

For the consumer, in the long run it will mean that for future updates they won't have to connect their phone to their computer and iTunes to update the OS. 

It's not all plain sailing however for developers just yet though. This over the air process will only work for those running iOS 5 beta 3. Apple also warns that doing an OTA update will delete your photos and will require a physical re-sync to get them back, something that will presumably not be the case in the final version of the OS.

iOS 5 promises to bring a number of new features to the iPhone including a new notification system, iMessages, Reminders, and other niceties such as Twitter built in.

Although Apple has yet to confirm when the update will be out, it is expected to be released around the same time as the launch of the iPhone 5. 

Rumours suggest that will be in September. are reporting that Wireless syncing works over 3G as well as now being available to Windows users for the first time. 

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