Fujitsu has detailed its latest handset - the Windows 7 powered F-07C.

Now, we bet that you think that we made a typo in that opening sentence, missing out the word "Phone" between "Windows" and "7". But not so, for the Fujitsu F-07C is a PC dressed in smartphone clothing.

Described as "the world's smallest PC" the F-07C is powered by an Intel Atom Z600 1.2GHz processor, has 1GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD for all your storage needs and comes pre-installed with the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium.

The display is a 4-inch SVGA touchscreen with a 1024x600 resolution, and there's a 5.1-megapixel camera on the back and a 0.32-megapixel one on the front for video calling.

It packs a full slider QWERTY, but you can always use the USB port to plug in a bigger keyboard and a mouse - this is Windows 7 after all.

It's not the first Windows 7 phone that we've seen, the AdvanceTC Magic W3 broke cover in February - but it's the first mainstream electronics company effort that we've come across.

Sadly, it's scheduled for a Japan-only release at present. We'll just have to stick to iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Bada, Brew, BlackBerry, Symbian.....