The Gresso company, famed for its outlandish mobile customisations, has gone and released a $30,000 diamond encrusted mobile phone.

The iPhone 4 Lady Blanche diamonds also has a younger sister, covered in Swarovski crystals and priced in at $7000. 

Both feature three, independently timed Swiss clocks on the back, showing New York, Paris and Moscow. Alongside these are pearl dials with a choice of either diamonds (the more expensive version) or crystals. Naturally things are hand made using a clever floating diamonds technique that allows for a "unique dazzling". 

Using only odd numbers of diamonds or crystals coupled with clever jewellery work means that especially bright tracks of light are created, making things shinier than shiny. As if there wasn't enough diamond action already, the entire back of the phone uses solid diamond-coated mineral glass. 

Current release date details remain pretty vague, with things only confirmed as coming out this year. Keep checking the Gresso website if you are interested. Careful though, a few distractions or accidental purchases could easily see you bankrupting yourself in an instant. 

We definitely like the idea of a bit of mobile bling, personally though we prefer something along the lines of the vajazzled Virgin Media TiVo box