Archos has announced the arrival of its 35 range: the Archos 35 Home Connect - an Android-based web radio, and the Archos 35 Smart Home Phone - an Android DECT phone.

Starting with the radio and, despite the obvious question of "why does an internet radio player need Android on board?" this sounds like a decent little device.

It has access to the 50,000+ web radio stations (using TuneIn) and also has a clock app on board with weather, traffic and news info.

As it's Android, there's access to other apps too - such as games - and there's also video conferencing capabilities too.

The Archos 35 Smart Home Phone is similar to other landline Android devices we've seen from the likes of Binatone - with the overriding aim to get a smartphone experience on your home phone.

It has a front facing webcam and access to apps, your email and the like - just like your smartphone (which presumably will be with you, at home) does too.

Archos is very proud of the fact that it was first to market with an Android tablet back in 2009 (the Archos 5) and now it seems as if the French manufacturer won't rest until it has Google's OS installed in every single electrical device in your home.

Watch out vacuum cleaner, toaster and blender - Archos is coming for you, armed with a little green droid.

All jokes aside, the introductions further highlight the concerns within the industry of Android becoming a diluted platform, with manufacturers able to cram the OS into pretty much any connected device that it brings to market.

The Archos 35 Home Connect is expected to be available in September 2011 priced at £119, the 35 Smart Home Phone around the same time, costing £129.