The INQ Cloud Touch, often labelled the Facebook phone, is to get even more social media interaction - this time courtesy of a hook-up with geotaggers Foursquare.

Using the TechCrunch Disrupt event over in New York to announce the partnership, INQ stated how the Foursquare-flavoured homescreen would be available across all of its Android devices.

But that doesn't mean an end to the Facebook fun - the Foursquare screen will work in tandem with its social network buddy, meaning that you'll still be able to bore, sorry entertain, people with your status updates whilst at the same time being able to check-in at all of your favourite nearby locations.

Frank Meehan, INQ’s CEO, said: "The Foursquare experience on INQ is all about engaging a customer to really explore and discover interesting places.

"First, we’re looking to make it really easy for a consumer to discover and sign up to foursquare itself, via the start-up sequence. Then we’re taking Foursquare’s great knowledge of the world around you and visualising that on your home screen,enabling you to explore events, restaurants, clubs, etc. and even bookmark places in a to-do list."

Foursquare will hit European and Asian users' INQ phones in around 6 weeks, no US dates have been revealed as of yet.