Gadget insurer Protect your bubble has announced that it is throwing TagBak protection into its users' policies for free.

TagBak usually costs £12.95 a year, but Protect your bubble is giving its existing customers three free tags to keep their favourite tech safe.

TagBak works by rewarding anyone who finds a tagged piece of kit and returns it to its owner. They do this by using the info provided on the tag which is stuck onto a TagBaker's toys.

Stephen Ebbett from Protect your bubble explains: "We’ve found that although gadget insurance from Protect your bubble softens the blow of losing your phone or laptop, nothing can replace the original gadget with all the phone numbers and data stored on these expensive devices.

"We’re thrilled to offer our customers a fantastic way to get your original gadget back to stop our customers losing a device which may have taken them months to set-up properly."

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