Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, put in a surprise appearance at BlackBerry World in Florida on Tuesday at RIM’s keynote speech.

Slagging off Android and promoting Windows Phone along the way, Ballmer confirmed that Bing will be the default search engine and default map provider for all BlackBerry devices going forward.

"Bing will be integrated into the BlackBerry experience from this holiday season," said Ballmer.

Bing will be built in from the core operating experience rather than just a series of apps and options.

Such a move would mean yet another iteration of the RIM’s operating system suggesting a Christmas launch for BlackBerry 8 or even a move from BB OS to QNX on BlackBerry Smartphones.

"Bing will provide the organising layer in the cloud,” Ballmer explained on stage. "This goes way beyond the search box. It’s about real tools helping real people get jobs done."

Bing has hinted a number of features including voice search, panoramic imaging stitching, and as well as contextual search results based on where you are.

Oh and those comments on Android?

"Android – the volumes have reason but the assuming chaos has raised issues for consumers and developers alike."