Scosche has combined its expertise in car and phone accessories, added a sprinkle of eco-fairy dust and come up with the Solvue Bluetooth speaker.

The hands-free friendly speakerphone boasts an integrated solar panel to soak up the sun's rays (sadly the UK has probably had its 2011 quota of sunny days already) and stores the energy in its internal lithium-ion battery for up to a year.

You can also charge via USB, so it'll still work in the winter, and it displays the names of up to 1000 incoming callers so you can screen calls whilst you drive.

It packs DSP echo cancellation technology as well as an internal accelerometer that automatically turns it on when you get into your car.

Costing £89.99, it's out now and available from and comes with a wind-shield suction cup mount and sun visor clip.