If you’re expecting your favourite celeb to be tweeting what’s happening at the royal wedding on Friday from the pews at Westminster Abbey think again: the Palace has said no.

Event organisers have arranged for signal-blocking technology to be installed at Westminster Abbey, after senior members of the royal family requested the move, it turns out.

The move, which has supposedly been welcomed by police, security personnel, and broadcasters keen to avoid screens full of people Tweeting or Facebooking rather than actually paying attention.

A police official confirmed to Yahoo! on Wednesday that the blocking technology will be in place from early Friday morning and will remain switched on for the entirety of the ceremony.

It also means that ushers won’t have to make sure nobody's mobile phone goes off at the fateful moment when the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, asks if any person present knows of any lawful impediment as to why the marriage shouldn’t go ahead.

As an aside, the move is likely to be a blow to O2, who had announced earlier in the week that it had arranged for some celebs to tweet from Westminster Abbey on the day.

Photo by emanuelez