Confirmation that Microsoft's next major Windows Phone 7 update, dubbed Mango, will bump the OS up to version 7.5 has surfaced courtesy of a Mango preview platform.

It had been rumoured that the update would see the birth of Windows Phone 7.5, but this is the first official word that we've seen.

Mango is expected to drop in October this year, bringing with it multitasking, faster app switching, file transfer and background processing. It will also include a new browser - IE9 - and is also the major update that Nokia is waiting for before beginning its Windows Phone assault.

Speaking of Nokia, big cheese Stephen Elop has revealed that the Finnish phone company will be brining its Ovi Maps platform to Windows Phone 7 (or 7.5 rather).

"Nokia will supply mapping and location-based services for the Windows Phone ecosystem, building on the success it’s experienced with Ovi Maps," read a blog post detailing Nokia's progress.

The CEO also confirmed that Nokia and Microsoft are teaming up for a dedicated app store for the new partnership with "operator-billing from Nokia".

Exciting times then, and maybe just the shot in the arm that Windows Phone 7 needed.