We're kinda stumped as to how to introduce the AdvanceTC Magic W3 to you.

Is it a smartphone? Well, with a 4.8-inch screen and a telephony touch UI - yes it is.

Is it a tablet? We supposed the 4.8-inch display is a tad small for a tablet, but it has docking capabilities and 720p HD movie playback so we suppose that, yes it is, a tablet of sorts also.

And, is it a micro-computer? With full Windows 7 and a Intel Atom chip inside then we have to say yes to this question too.

Basically, it's a device that ticks a number of different boxes, although whether anybody would want all of those boxes ticked at the same time, only time will tell.

The AdvanceTC Magic W3's 4.8-inch display has a native resolution of 800x480, with interpolated 800x600 and 1024x600 options too.

It's powered by the Intel Atom Z530 1.6 GHz CPU and its operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium. It has 1GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD too.

Telephone duties are care of the GSM Quad Band and 3.5G HSPA connectivity options and it also boasts  Wi-Fi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and a GPS transceiver.

If you're worried about navigating Windows 7 on a little screen (it's tough enough of a 20-inch touch screen AIO) then fear not - because the W3 has a custome UI which is "integrated with the device to bring you seamless control of your voice calls and SMS within the Windows 7 OS environment".

The "world's first pocketable Windows 7 microcomputer, with integrated telephony" also packs miniSD, mini-HDMI and mini-USB options and has a 1.3-megapixel webcam.

No price or availability details have yet been released but, as ever, we'll keep you posted.

Too much convergence, or the gadget you've been waiting for? Let us know using the comments below.