In the past we've featured the blinged up iPhone and iPad mod jobs from UK designer Stuart Hughes, and we've often wondered - "who would buy such a ridiculously extravagant handset?"

Well, the answer is Victoria Beckham, that's who.

The "artist" formerly known as Posh Spice was spotted at Heathrow airport with a Hughes-designed £21,995 gold iPhone 4 in hand - complete with topless David Beckham picture on the lock-screen.

According to Hughes' website, the design in VB's hand contains 150g of 24-carat gold.

But, surprisingly, Mrs. Beckham didn't go for the top option - her £22k outlay is quite cheap considering what she could have splashed out on. We've reported on a number of Hughes' designs that dwarf Victoria's handset in both price and tackiness.

She could have gone for the prehistoric iPhone containing an actual T-Rex tooth (yours for £40,000) or even the world's most expensive iPhone 4, which contains 500 individual flawless cut diamonds, weighing in at over 100-carats in total, and went on sale for £5 million.

Times must be hard over at Beckingham Palace - after all, David only has just over a year to go on his $1 million a week deal at LA Galaxy.