Both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button carry iPhone 4s as their handsets of choice, although Lewis also holds a BlackBerry Torch for emailing and messaging.

Speaking to Pocket-lint at the international launch of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-26 2011 Formula One racing car, both former World Champions revealed the mobile phones they use on a regular basis; and it was good for Apple:

"[I use an] iPhone 4," said Button. "But it sat in the cupboard for 4 months as I couldn't work out how to get the SIM out. Luckily, Vodafone eventually sorted me out," he added, explaining that he didn't at first realise that the Apple iPhone 4 sports a micro SIM.

And when we asked him what his favourite apps were, he told us, "the ones I could tell you about are about triathlon, rally and F1." Naturally.

Lewis Hamilton had no such problems with his handset, indeed he carries the two: "I have two phones - an iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Torch," he said.

However, he's not as keen as Jenson on applications: "I'm not really into apps," he revealed. "But my mum loves the one where you have to slap or stroke the cat."

Hopefully, that's not a euphemism.