It’s illegal in the UK to use your phone in the car, yet everyday plenty of people use their smartphones to text, email and make calls - all while driving.

That’s got to stop says Taser, the company which is probably best known for selling devices that will send 1200 volts through an attackers body.

Stepping away from its usual line of business, it’s created an Android and BlackBerry app that, combined with a dongle in your car, will not only let you track that car and its whereabouts, but also completely disable the phone so you can’t use it within 30ft of the vehicle.

A spokesman for the company walked Pocket-lint through a typical experience of the new device. 

taser protector disables your phone while driving doesn t zap you in the process image 7

The system involves you having a dongle that features a GSM modem and Bluetooth chip wired into your car. When your child’s phone (as we're sure you would be more responsible than to make calls on the go) picks up that Bluetooth signal it automatically locks the device only allowing you to make emergency calls, or specific numbers that you’ve programmed it in case of emergency (think mum, dad, or breakdown).

While on, the phone can be set to send back a range of different data including location, speed, and for worried parents the ability to see if the locking screen has been tampered with.

Attempting to stop almost 6,000 deaths a year in the US from distracted-driver related accidents, Taser is hoping worried parents will sign up for the new system to protect their children from either driving too fast (you can set speed warnings), too far away (you can set mileage boundaries) or just using their phone on the go, as all the information is logged and tracked via a central Mac or PC application.  

However, safety doesn’t come cheap. The Protector safe driver system costs $249.99 with a further $14.95 a month subscription service.

Our Taser spokesman told us that there are plans to launch the service in the UK.