We at Pocket-lint have been accused in the past of having a Lego-fetish, in part due to the amount of coverage we devote to the little plastic building bricks.

We've also been labelled fanboys on more than one occasion, as we do like to wax lyrical about the latest Apple products.

And yeah, we're not ashamed to admit it - we do love both brands.

So imagine our excitement when we first laid eyes on the Lego-tastic iPhone 4 case from SmallWorks.

Called the BrickCase, this iPhone 4 protector not only looks super cool, but is also Play with Bricks certified (although not an official Lego product) meaning that you can actually build real Lego bricks on to it.

So, the potential to build stands, docks or handles is seemingly endless.

Priced at $19.99, the SmallWorks BrickCase for iPhone 4 is available via the US Amazon site and is available in clear, black or white.