Buy a phone and get a free PS3! Grab a mobile contract and get a Canon camera! Sign up for 36 months and receive a Lamborghini Countach!

You've all seen these sorts of mobile deals flying about on the web (well, maybe not the free car one) and now Tesco Mobile has come to the free gift party, but is offering something a bit more straightforward - cold hard cash.

Well not cash exactly, but Tesco store credit, which is as good as cash because Tesco probably takes a fair whack of your pay packet each month anyway (unless you're a Waitrose snob, of course).

"Rather than giving away telecoms gadgets and suchlike, we have decided to make Christmas shopping more simple", said Lance Batchelor, CEO of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco Mobile.

"So we’re giving away up to £250 for customers to spend on anything they like in Tesco stores or online.

"Along with a new mobile phone, customers could pick up gifts for the whole family, such as toys, bikes, DVD players or even the whole Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings".

So what phones are on offer exactly?

Well, the scheme includes:

- £250 for a Sony Ericsson Cedar or Samsung S3100.

- £200 for a Samsung Europa or Samsung Wave Scotia.

- £150 for a Nokia 6303i.

- £100 for a BlackBerry 8520.

So, plenty of options then, although sadly no iPhone cashback.

The deal runs until 31 December. If a contract is signed after 10 December, the gift card will be issued in the new year, otherwise you should get it in time to buy the Turkey.