Are you sick of your mum ringing you up (from the land-line, obviously) because she's managed to balls-up her smartphone....again?

If so, why not buy her a John's Phone from Dutch company John Doe?

John Doe states that the John’s Phone is the world’s simplest mobile phone. Your only options are to call and hang up. There's not even texting on board.

The phone comes unlocked and features large keys, a physical address book, a pen and the battery will last for about 3 weeks.

Diedriekje Bok, John Doe creative, said "With an abundance of choices and information channels operating, it's nice to develop a simple gadget. It is also a useful phone for travelling, exercising or weekend sailing.

"With John's phone, you always reach your close family and friends, so the rest of the world on your smartphone does not matter. John's phone can be used when your smartphone is empty or if you're in a distant country".

John's Phone is yours for 79.95 euros, comes in five different colours, and will work in every country in the world bar Japan and Korea.