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(Pocket-lint) - If you are an iPhone user, the chances are that you're not up early enough to be reading this story.

And that's because a similar bug that plagued antipodean iPhone users when their clocks changed in September has hit European users, albeit in the reverse manner.

Although the iPhone's clock has no problems auto-adjusting to the changes of the clock, the alarm function is having difficulties keeping track of time.

There have been numerous reports that alarms that were pre-set, especially recurring ones, have been going off an hour later than they should have done.

In Australia and New Zealand the problem apparently corrected itself after a while, which isn't really all that helpful if you've got a Mr Slate-style boss just waiting to pounce if you're even a minute late.

The general suggestion seems to be to delete all alarms on your phone, and create individual ones each day, and forget about recurring ones for now - a fix should come with iOS 4.2.

Or, leave it be and have a nice lie-in each day, courtesy of Apple. Your choice.

Did your iPhone alarm fail you after the change back to Standard Time? How did your other gadgets cope? Use the comments below to fill us in.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.