T-Mobile has struck again with another Flashmob, this time singing and dancing their way around Heathrow's terminal 5. The first ever Flash mobbing to take place in a UK airport.

As thousands of people tried to make their way through a difficult day, the flashmob descended forcing passers by to listen to an orchestra of 20 singers mimicking musical instruments, which included cellos, violins, drums; some of the singers were even beatboxing.

It is not clear how many innocent airport users had to be carried off, suffering from cases of severe annoyance, but it is possible that one elderly gentleman had to be treated for a nasty case of peevishness.

With up to 80,000 people expected to pass through Terminal 5 today, the mental distress caused by this impromptu sing song is impossible to calculate, but as one passenger stated: “I’d just come in on an overnight flight from Washington DC and as I walked through the doors this woman started singing to me. I had no idea what was going on, I thought she was a nutter".

There have been two previous "guerilla style advertisements", which consist of what has now been dubbed the Liverpool Street massacre that showed more than 400 dancers spontaneously break into a routine at London’s Liverpool Street station, and "sing" which saw popstar Pink lead over 13,000 people into a crazed frenzy in Trafalgar Square.

The advert for this latest Flashmob will premiere on Friday 29 October at precisely 10.15pm when a full length 3 minute version will be screened.

T-Mobile Heathrow T5 Welcome Back from World Television on Vimeo.

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