UPDATE: Looks like it might just be an invisible shield casing as this picture highlights better than the company's website shows when we were doing our research for this story.

When Apple launches a white version of the iPhone 4, it could be sporting a new antenna design that's different from that currently used in the black version already on sale, thereby solving the Antennagate problem once and for all.

We have to admit, when we spotted the white iPhone in New York, we were so excited about sharing the images with you that we didn't take a closer look to study the actual phone in the guy's hand.

Well it turns out some of you did (thanks Motimer and jdq) and have spotted something which we at first didn't spot ourselves.

If you look carefully at the photo above you'll see that a black line, that appears to be the black antenna bar cut into the metal, has moved or been added to the middle above the micro SIM slot - rather than at the base of the phone as in the black model.

Could this be the new location for the antenna break-out in order to stop the "death grip" problems that affected the current model on sale, or could Apple have added another cut-in to improve the signal performance for the new white iPhone's that they are about to launch?

While we are certain that it is not a shadow or a lighting effect, as we have it on other photos, we do admit that it could be a number of different things such as the owners attempt to improve the antenna's performance himself.

Either way, you have to admit, something different is afoot with this model over the black iPhone 4 currently on sale.

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