It looks as if the French have the strangle-hold on Palm Pre 2 leaks. First up, carrier SFR showed off the next-generation webOS device on its website, and now MobiFrance has unearthed some leaked pics of the handset.

Looking somewhat similar, if not a little skinnier, than its older brother, the Palm Pre 2 is supposedly packing a 1GHz processor, with Texas Instrument's OMAP3630 the likely candidate, backed up by 512MB of RAM.

It will more than likely be running the brand spanking new webOS 2.0.

Other than that, details are sketchy. We're not sure whether we expect HP to slap its credentials all over it before launch, or whether the electronics giant will simply leave Palm as a brand in itself.

Only time will tell, we are expecting a raft of webOS devices to land in 2011.

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