There are several ideas floating about on what to expect with future generations of the iPhone, but none are quite as "out of the box" as Samuel Lee Kwon's iPhone Next G concept.

Dispensing of the handset completely, the designer puts forward the notion of a device that straps to your wrist, contains a miniature LED bulb projector, and you interact with the image it shines onto your palm.

He sticks with the tried and trusted touchscreen, although it's much smaller than on a conventional handset, and all of the apps are controlled via pressing your, erm, hand.

Groovy it may be, we at Pocket-lint can immediately see some problems. Firstly, when you were talking on the phone, it'd always look like you were sniffing your own wrist, like many of us do at a perfume counter. Also, how would you play games that require both hands to move the characters (using a D-Pad and buttons)?

But the biggest caveat is that it wouldn't be operable by anybody who's missing fingers. Wouldn't be so big amongst the Yakuza fraternity, we suspect.

What do you think? Could it take off? Or will it be consigned to the second-hand shops (sigh)? Let us know in the comments below...