Sonim has unleashed its latest tough phone, the XP1300 Core, promising that it is "even more rugged" and "even more waterproof" than previous models.

The XP1300 Core is US MIL-810G, meaning it should have no quibbles coming up against salt, fog, humidity, transport and thermal shock, or even facing a 2m drop onto solid concrete.

It is also the first GSM phone ever to be IP-68 waterproof certified, meaning that it will be able to stay alive even after being submerged in 2m of water.

The 2-inch screen is scratch resistant, and is re-enforced by Gorilla glass. The XP1300's case includes a fibreglass mix to make it that much tougher as well.

It also features a noise-cancelling microphone so you'll still be able to be heard whilst you're on the building site, or down the pub with Slayer blaring on the jukebox after work.

Battery life is very impressive - 800 hours of standby in temperatures from minus 20-degrees Celsius to 55-degrees Celsius.

"The XP1300 Core, our first product built on our 4th generation rugged platform, raises the toughness stakes once again. It’ll be the number one choice for construction crews, farmers, dock workers and others in tough work environments", said Bob Plaschke, CEO of Sonim Technologies.

The Sonim XP1300 Core will be available from the beginning of November priced at $399 for an unlocked model. The UK price is still to be confirmed, but we're told it will be around £250.

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