Rumours of the next-gen Palm Pre webOS handsets have heated up on the webiverse after certification firm TÜV Rheinland listed two unknown Palm devices on its database.

The P102UNA and the P102EWW devices look as if they could be direct follow ups to the Pre Plus, as this device was listed as P101UNA / P101EWW for its GSM and CDMA variations back in January.

So, could we finally be seeing a genuine Palm Pre successor maybe with a HP flavour?

We certainly would like to think so, especially given the sexy new webOS 2.0 shots that found their way onto the web.

palm pre 2 on its way  image 4

There's also a listing for an "inductive battery charger", which could mean a successor for the Palm Touchstone as well.

So with HP also expected to announce a tablet device, the HP Slate, sometime soon (albeit with a Windows 7 flavour, rather than webOS), it's exciting times for the massive electronics company.