And you thought Mozilla just concentrated on making the Firefox browser one of the best browsers out there? Well it seems if you did, you were wrong (sorry).

When the foundation isn't doing the above it's creating concepts of what stuff might look like in the future, in this case the mobile phone.

The “Seabird”, as it's been called, is your ultimate wishlist for the smartphone of tomorrow.

No we aren't just talking about a handset that doesn't drop calls, but one that features a touchscreen interface, 8-megapixel camera, dual pico projector, wireless charging and a Bluetooth headset that doubles as a 3D spatial remote control.

As the video shows (there is a 3D version as well on YouTube) it's pretty head in the clouds kinda stuff, all of which is probably possible in some dark underground lab somewhere, meaning you're unlikely to see it in the near future.

Still we can dream can't we?

What do you think?