Online retailer Case Hut offers iPhone users the chance to design their own skins for 3G, 3GS and 4 handsets. Called Hotskins, the customer needs only provide an image for the case and Case Hut will print it using high quality processes, promising vibrant results.

The image can be literally anything the customer wants; a favourite film star, a photo of a pet, picture of loved ones, a page of the bible, a scan of the P to S section of the Thompson Local for Milton Keynes. Anything, basically. Whatever floats your boat.

The company will also provide a version of the image for you to use as wallpaper for the phone, allowing it to be surrounded by your snap.

It's a service that Case Hut hopes will be big in the gift market: "You are only limited by your imagination, you provide the image and we can print it," it says. "Design your own Case Skin also make great gifts for birthdays, special occasions and loved ones."

The service costs £12.99 and is available on Case Hut's website: