Binatone's BB200 isn't really designed to go up against the iPhone's and Android devices of this world. It only runs on GSM, has a mono screen, and has few features. However, it is the perfect mobile phone for the visually impaired and the elderly, thanks to a few useful things.

Firstly, the buttons are massive. Indeed, it's being touted as the BB200 Big Button Mobile Phone. And the display lists numbers, etc, in large. It also sports amplified sound, for those requiring more volume than usual, and a talking numbers feature helps ensure that the right ones are being pressed.

There's a big, red panic button on the rear of the phone, which will call the emergency services, friends, relatives or carers, depending on its programming. And three direct dial memory buttons will also help bring piece of mind.

Even the charge dock has been designed so that fragile fingers can recharge the phone without having to attach a fiddly cable.

Costing £49.99, the Binatone BB200 comes SIM-free, is available from Amazon, Argos and plenty of other mobile phone websites and shops.