In a first for the industry, Stephen Fry and Penguin Books have released the actor, author and most famous Apple fanboi's memoirs on multiple platforms, including in eBook and iPhone app guises.

The Fry Chronicles, which follows his life from his university years to first appearances on television, is now available as a hardback book for £20, an eBook available exclusively on Apple's iBooks for £12.99, and as a non-linear iPhone app (now available on iTunes) for £7.99.

The latter, dubbed myFry, can be navigated any way the user wants to create their own personal narrative, with different colour-coded sections for different categories; People, Subjects, Feelings, and Fryisms. In addition, there are 112 different sections to read and explore.

Speaking to Campaign Magazine, Flo Heiss, creative partner of Dare, the developer behind the application, said: "MyFry is a really beautiful development of the classic way of interrogating a book through its index".

"What we've been able to do is take the index one step further, using colour, intelligent design and interactivity to fulfil every reader's natural curiosity and desire to explore".

Fry himself was more succinct: "The app is wonderful - really striking and original".